Baby Shower

Save Money on Baby Shower Invitations

If you are pregnant and about to have a baby, you are probably getting a little worried about all the things you have to do to get ready for the new addition to your home. There are so many things you will need to buy to prepare for the new baby like diapers, clothing, toys, furniture, bottles and more. The expense of having a baby can be pretty daunting. However, there is a traditional way to help offset some of the cost of having a baby and that is by having a baby shower. This costs some money too so there are some handy tips on saving money on baby shower invitations.

Send baby shower invitations in order to have friends and family attend and help allay some of the costs of having a baby. Traditionally, those who are attending a shower bring gifts and this can help tremendously. It is also recommended that you register for baby shower gifts in order for guests who receive baby shower invitations to know exactly what it is you need. When they get baby shower invitations they will be bale to see your registry, see what you need, what has already been received and the cost of the things you need. This way you are guaranteed to only get the things you want.

Planning a shower can be a fun task but it can also be expensive. You need to get food and plan some activities and of course, send baby shower invitations. If you go to a stationer for pre printed baby shower invitations, chances are you are going to spend a lot of money on them. They may be more formal and very nice but the baby shower invitations may very well cost more than the rest of the party! So what do you do to save on baby shower invitations?

First, if pre printed baby shower invitations is what you have your heart set on, go online. Because online printers do not have the high overhead costs as retail outlets, the savings is passed on to the consumer. You will be able to get baby shower invitations at a much lower cost than at a retail printer. If, however, you can do without the pre printed baby shower invitations, there are many more options you can use to save some money.

Look in your local dollar store or in the discontinued bins at stores that sell cards. Many party planning stores will have discontinued items at an incredible bargain. You can find baby shower invitations very inexpensively. These baby shower invitations will need to be filled out by hand and mailed but the small amount of time needed to do this is well worth the amount of money you will save in the long run.

Make your own baby shower invitations! This is very easy to do with word processing software and some imagination. Simply go to your local office supply store or craft store and pick up some pre printed paper or card stock. There are many designs available and you should be able to find something ideal for baby shower invitations like a pastel design or a baby themed border. Then, simply create your baby shower invitations using the word processor and adhering to the paper borders as set by the type of card stock used. You can then send out your customized baby shower invitations and save a ton of money.

The final suggestion for inexpensive baby shower invitations is to use online invitations. This is not the traditional means of sending out invitations and is certainly not as formal but the practice is becoming more acceptable. Best of all, sending baby shower invitations via email is entirely free! You can do this one of three ways. You can find a site that has free E-cards available, make up what you want and send them to the email of the guests you want to invite. You can use an E-vite system that specializes in coordinating parties of all kinds. Here you can send out the details of the party and keep track or RSVP's. Or, you can use a word processing program to design baby themed baby shower invitations and simply email the attachment to all your friends and family.